Wednesday, 13 July 2011


Thanks to visual orgasm for supplying me with paint for the show!!!
They got me hooked up with 27 cans of Ironlak paint, love this paint its the bees knees.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The leaflet!

The Leaflet is out so keep your eyes pealed. Posters will be coming soon!

Skate Art Event Artists!

Russ has been getting tons of e-mail from heaps of amazing artists, and its been super hard to pick through everyone. Thanks again everyone, and pleaaaaaase keep it coming. 

Heres the artist list we've got so far, these guys are banger the art show is going to be siiiick!

Jay Zed
Kris Hageland
Bart Vanderhyden
Gwen D'Arcy

Were going to have links posted up with their work coming up soon so please check it out!

Thanks again friends! See you soon!

Hey Friends!

Hey Friends!

Thanks for all the Support and for everyone who is getting involved! All the art submissions have been amazing and if you haven't submitted yours yet get on it! its coming down to the wire, and tons of amazing art has been submitted. Were working on having two official AFTER PARTIES! and were just working out the details for those right now so well let you guys in on that as soon as those get finished up! Make sure to make it out to those because they will be banger for sure!

Thanks to Russ Morland, none of this would be able to happen without him! And thanks to all our other sponsors, this would not be able to happen without you!

Make sure to keep checking the blog for tons of information about the Event, we will be working to update it everyday and keep all of you informed!